The Midnight Online

2020 online The Midnight concert
The Midnight Online
Online concert by The Midnight
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Show poster
  • Libbey Bowl
  • Ojai, California
Date(s)October 30, 2020
Attendance0 (closed event)

The Midnight Online was a concert special by The Midnight. A one-time-only event, the concert was broadcast live on Seated from the Libbey Bowl in Ojai, California on the evening of October 30, 2020.[1] A repeat broadcast was streamed the following day to accommodate international audiences. The full concert has not been able to watch since, but videos of the performances of Because The Night and Neon Medusa have been uploaded to The Midnight's YouTube channel.


The effects of the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted The Midnight's plans to tour and promote their new album, Monsters. To get fans engaged with the band during the pandemic, an alternate reality game (ARG) began on September 24, 2020, and continued through October 15, 2020, with fans working together each day remotely to solve clues and discover hidden prizes. The ARG's prize on the day of October 8 was a poster advertising The Midnight Online, described as a "One-Time Worldwide Event" to occur on October 30, live from California. Later that same day, the concert was announced to the public and tickets went on sale.[2][3][4]

Concert description

Live From California

A One-Time Worldwide Event.

The Midnight, the duo of producer Tim McEwan and singer-songwriter Tyler Lyle, are masters of flipping the disparate archetypes of yearning American youth — think everything from John Hughes films and the Smashing Pumpkins’ “1979” music video to Snapchats of ravers losing it to a big bass drop and the lonesome sway of the “lofi hip hop radio-beats to study / relax to” YouTube channel — into their own modern collage that finds a through-line between generations of teenage ennui.

//The Midnight have partnered with the PLUS1 Covid-19 Relief Fund to support Backline and their work with those in the music industry whose mental health, safety, and wellbeing are some of the most at risk to the impacts of the pandemic. $1 contribution from every ticket will be directed to this important cause. Thanks for your support. //

Description from Seated.[1]


Because The Night
Neon Medusa
  1. 1991 (intro)
  2. America Online
  3. Deep Blue
  4. Monsters
  5. Days of Thunder
  6. Lost Boy
  7. Brooklyn
  8. Dance With Somebody
  9. Prom Night
  10. Jason
  11. Because The Night
  12. Fire in the Sky
  13. Shadows
  14. Vampires
  15. Neon Medusa
  16. Lost & Found
  17. Gloria
  18. Los Angeles
  19. Last Train
  20. Sunset

Band composition

Production credits

  • Tour Manager/Production Manager/Road Wizzard: Chris Paules
  • Lightning Design & Direction: Corey Mattonen
  • Live Sound: Nathan Devore
  • Broadcast Sound & Mix: John Spiker
  • Management: Justin Little & Emily Hicks
  • Booking: James Alderman, Devin Landau & Ali Hedrick
  • Producers: Justin Little & Chris Paules
  • Directed By: Jeremiah Hammerling & Rita Baghdadi
  • Cinematography: Jack Caswell, Jeremiah Hammerling & Rita Baghdadi
  • Edited By: Matthew Goodhue
  • Location Sound: James Erste
  • Special Thanks: Seth Cummings, Mai Cummings, Makaela Glancy, Luis Gomez, Andrea Mackey, James Vega, Jamie Bennet, Vickie Hollingsworth, The City of Ojai, CA., The Libbey Bowl, Kameryn Tanita/Seated, Fuse Lighting, Mike Tregler, and most of all The fans


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