Change Your Heart or Die

2022 The Midnight song (First single and track nine from Heroes)
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"Change Your Heart or Die"
Single by The Midnight
from the album Heroes
ReleasedApril 14, 2022 (2022-04-14)
LabelCounter Records
Producer(s)Tim McEwan
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Nothing Beats Like A Heart

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Change Your Heart or Die

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Vinyl release

Change Your Heart or Die[1] is a song by The Midnight. It is the first single and ninth track from their album Heroes. The single was released on April 14, 2022.[1]

The song was written by band members Tyler Lyle and Tim McEwan and produced by McEwan. It has a running time of three minutes and 33 seconds and is in the key of E minor. The guitars on Change Your Heart or Die were performed by Royce Whittaker.

Change Your Heart or Die was promoted with the release of a limited edition vinyl record.[2] Containing the song on side A and the instrumental on side B, a hidden preview of the song Golden Gate can also be found on side B.

Official description

LA-based band The Midnight have unveiled their new single “Change Your Heart Or Die”, out now on Counter Records. Signifying a shift in sonic direction for The Midnight, “Change Your Heart Or Die” combines unashamedly bold guitar licks with infectious vocals - an anthemic jam that leaves a lasting impression.

Speaking on the new single, The Midnight say, “Since we’ve begun touring, our music has continued to be influenced by communal, live experiences. This is something we’ve missed for the last two years. We wanted to write a song that was about having a collective experience with other people and singing something raw at the top of our lungs. This song, when you sing it together, becomes more than the sum of its parts The song started with the track idea for the verses, and Tyler had the lyrics which he had produced himself to a house track, but it wasn’t until we got the call and response chorus that the song took on the life of a metal anthem.”

“Change Your Heart Or Die” comes hot off the heels of an extensive tour across North America. The Midnight’s recent video for “Good In Red (Live)” featured a robust five-piece band, dazzling stage setup, and an impassioned vocal performance from Lyle filmed at multiple stops along the tour. Their captivating performance made rounds in multiple sold out shows in major cities including New York, Chicago, Toronto, Philadelphia and Washington DC.

Consisting of Tyler Lyle, a songwriter from the Deep South, and Danish producer Tim McEwan, The Midnight formed in 2012 feeling indebted to Johnny Jewel/Chromatics and Cliff Martinez’s OST Drive and the resurgence of classic synth sounds growing around its release, the pair wrote two singles “WeMoveForward” and “Gloria”, that would later be released as part of their debut EP ‘Days of Thunder’. The band then released 12-track LP ‘Endless Summer’ in 2016 and ‘Nocturnal’ the year after, which spent several weeks as a Bandcamp best-seller. This followed with 2018’s ‘Kids’ that reached #1 on the Billboard ‘Dance/Electronic’ charts. Their most recent album, ‘Monsters’, came last year, an acclaimed LP described by The Express as their “most stylish and creative music yet”.

The band over a few short years of forming, have achieved over 452 million + catalogue streams, while gaining 972K Spotify Monthly reach peak and 70 million + YouTube channel views. They have grown from online cult fascination to international touring band, with sold out multiple worldwide tours from their past two albums. Their 2020 album ‘Monsters’ alone sold over 50,000 equivalent albums worldwide, charting in the US, UK and Australia and sold out in every format amassing 50 million+ streams 18 months after release. Their immersive world-building attracts a rabid fanbase that is now over 1 million strong across profiles and platforms seeing over 16M TikTok video views, over 700K Shazams and 300K Genius page views.

“Change Your Heart Or Die” is out now on Counter Records.



Took a lot of money to look the part
Took a lot of pain to tame a heart
Took a lot of years to lose my fear of flying
Took a lot of time to finally start
Then it took a good day to fall apart
Took a lot of tears to lose my fear of crying
Of crying

Change your heart or die

Fire, ticking like a time bomb
Fire, burning like napalm
Fire, waiting at the crossroads
How will you survive?
Change your heart or die

Took one look to find your mark
Took a rogue wave to blow apart
Took a wrong turn to finally find the yearning
In the burning

Fire, ticking like a time bomb
Fire, burning like napalm
Fire, waiting at the crossroads
How will you survive?
Change your heart or die

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Change Your Heart or Die

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Change Your Heart or Die (Live)

from Red, White and Bruised: The Midnight Live

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