The Midnight Remix Radio Vol. 2

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The Midnight Remix Radio Vol.2 was the second remix competition put on by The Midnight.[1] The competition began on February 5, 2021, and submissions were closed on February 26, 2021.[2][3] The winners were revealed on March 6, 2021.[4]

While the previous remix competition allowed interested remixers to download stems for four of The Midnight's songs, stems for every song from the album Monsters were made available for The Midnight Remix Radio Vol.2. The stems for Deep Blue were made available as a free download, while the rest of the stems from Monsters could be purchased for $20 USD.[5][6]

The overall winner of the competition was the Droid Bishop Remix of Deep Blue, which was released as a single on September 17, 2021.[7]


The Midnight had much success with their first remix competition in the spring of 2020 - The Midnight Remix Radio received over 500 submissions.[8] Just shy of a year later, the band announced a second remix competition on February 5, 2021, after hinting at the release of stems two days prior.[9][10] Unlike the first competition where only four songs were available to remix, fans had the opportunity to remix any song from Monsters, The Midnight's most recent album at the time. The stems for the song Deep Blue were offered as a free download through The Midnight's Bandcamp page, with the full set of stems from Monsters being available to purchase for $20 USD.[11][12] Submissions were open for three weeks, closing on February 26, 2021.

Another difference with The Midnight Remix Radio Vol.2 compared to the first contest was the live review of submissions. While the reviewing and judging of remixes were done privately the year prior, this time fans could listen in as Tim and Tyler reviewed contest entries over Twitch.[13] The band held four review sessions on Twitch over the span of two weeks, leading up to the announcement of the winners on March 6, 2021.[14][15]


The winning submissions were officially revealed over Twitch and YouTube on March 6, 2021.[16] The winners, in order of their appearance on the stream, were:


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