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26th January, 2023
Music - The Midnight teases a new song called Land Locked Heart, made for the game Road 96: Mile 0
10th January, 2023
Tour - The Midnight annnouces that they are playing at the Bonnaroo festival in June
8th December, 2022
Tour - The Midnight start their 4 show DJ set tour across the US.
15th November, 2022
Music - Tyler Lyle confirms on Twitter that work has begun on the next The Midnight album.
28th October, 2022
Music - The instrumental version of Heroes is released.
26th October, 2022
Music - The instrumental version of Heroes is announced, with a release on October 28th.
16th October, 2022
Tour - The Change Your Heart Tour concludes in Austin, TX.
4th October, 2022
Tour - The Midnight announces 4 DJ sets across the US, to be played in December 2022.

Archived news

Did You Know?

  • ...that Lost & Found was originally released on the Tyler Lyle album The Native Genius of Desert Plants?
  • ...that for five years Comet was nothing more than a small snippet on Facebook before finally being released in 2021?
  • ...that Brooklyn. Friday. Love. was originally a demo for the Tyler Lyle album Floating Years?
  • ...that WeMoveForward was the first song written by the band?
  • ...that an early version of Jason used the backing track from what would become The Equaliser (Not Alone)
  • ...that Tyler Lyle once lived in Paris?
  • ...that Lost Boy was featured in an episode of 13 Reasons Why?
  • ...that The Midnight Remixed is the band's first release to appear on a Billboard chart?
  • ...that Tim McEwan once played drums in the Eurovison Song Contest?
  • ...that Tim McEwan co-wrote and produced a song for New Kids On The Block?

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From The Floppy Disk

Songs by Tim McEwan

Tim McEwan playing live with The Midnight

A growing list of songs produced, written or performed by Tim McEwan.
McEwan revealed some of these in a thread on Twitter[1] in September 2021, by tweeting out a Spotify playlist[2] with 12 songs produced or written by him. In the same thread, he confirmed that he produced 2 songs of of danish X-Factor winner Martin Hedegaards debut album.[3][4]

Additional songs has been produced or written, as McEwan is a member of the production group Deekay, inclding Electric for the group Blush.[5][6]

This list doesn't include songs written or produced for The Midnight. For a list of those see songs.

Songs by Tim McEwan part 1
1."Eyes Wide Shut"JLS, Tinie Tempah3:50
3."Keep Me Hangin'"Medina3:20
4."Waiting For Love"Medina4:00
5."Like You Hurt Me"Medina3:41
6."Hvis Bare"Medina, Skinz4:44
7."Glow In The Dark"The Wanted3:35
8."Sommer"Page Four4:06
9."Vinder"Page Four3:39
10."17 år"Page Four3:46
11."Du Og Jeg - Magi I Luften"Page Four3:49
12."Holder Fast"Page Four3:10
13."Whem I'm With You"Martin Hedegaard3:19
14."Where Do We Go"Martin Hedegaard3:52
17."R U Feeling Me"Dj Mac & Tim McEwan4:53
18."Children of the Sun"Alex Moreno3:22
19."Five Ways"Steve McCarthy & Tim McEwan3:47
20."Kære Mor"Noah3:06
Songs by Tim McEwan part 2
1."Let Me Know"A R I Z O N A3:41
2."Fall Over"Lemar4:06
3."Tænder Mig"Sukkerchok3:06
4."Wasted On You"New Kids On The Block3:38


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Vampires single cover

Vampires[1] is a song by The Midnight. It is the second single and eighth track from their album Endless Summer. The single was released on June 10, 2016.[1]

Track info

The song was written by band members Tim McEwan and Tyler Lyle and produced by McEwan. It has a running time of five minutes and seventeen seconds and is in the key of D-flat major. The saxophone on Vampires was performed by Thomas Edinger.

A video of Vampires being performed live at the 2019 Corona Capital was released as a prize during the 2020 Horror Show ARG.

Track listing

All tracks are written by Tim McEwan and Tyler Lyle.
Total length:5:17


Strangers in a dark room, laughing at jokes they didn't quite hear
Frosted window panes and cheap champagne a face appears
And anything could happen in these cathedrals we roam
Where shadow people dance and trade their glance and walk home alone

She's staring out the window of the Roosevelt Hotel
Watching midtown empty out and I kiss her farewell
They say we come from nothing and to nothing we'll return
And in between is gravity and bridges left to burn

Lyrics source[1]

After The Midnight

The song was covered in episode 15 of the After The Midnight podcast, released in august 2021.


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Heroes album cover

Heroes is the fifth album from The Midnight. It is was released on September 9, 2022.[1][2]

Five singles have been released from Heroes: Change Your Heart or Die, which released on April 14, 2022, Heartbeat, which released on June 8, 2022, Avalanche, which released on July 6, 2022, Brooklyn. Friday. Love., which released on August 3, 2022 and Heart Worth Breaking, which released on August 24, 2022.

Background and composition

Wip banner.png

This wiki article is currently being worked on. More info will be added soon.

Heroes is the culmination of a trilogy that began with Kids and Monsters. The writing sessions during Kids yielded many songs and ideas that did not make the album due to time constraints, so it was decided to extend the story arc of Kids across multiple albums.[3]

In early 2021, Tim McEwan began streaming the creation of new songs on Twitch. Several of the songs previewed during those sessions found their way to Heroes. Aside from Twitch, previews and hints of new material on the band's other social media platforms was minimal compared to previous The Midnight releases.

Track listing

All songs produced by Tim McEwan.

1."Golden Gate"Tyler Lyle, Tim McEwan6:04
2."Brooklyn. Friday. Love."Lyle, McEwan, Nikki Flores, Royce Whittaker3:52
3."Heartbeat"Lyle, McEwan, Flores, Whittaker3:50
4."A Place of Her Own"Lyle, McEwan5:33
5."Heroes"Lyle, McEwan, Lelia Broussard, Whittaker5:13
6."Heart Worth Breaking"Lyle, McEwan, Broussard, Whittaker5:07
7."Loved By You"Lyle, McEwan3:44
8."Aerostar"Lyle, McEwan, Whittaker4:55
9."Change Your Heart or Die"Lyle, McEwan3:31
10."Avalanche"Lyle, McEwan, Jessie Frye4:27
11."Souvenir"Lyle, McEwan, Whittaker3:34
12."Photograph"Lyle, McEwan2:37
13."Energy Never Dies, It Just Transforms"Lyle, McEwan4:20
Total length:56:47
Heroes (Instrumental)
1."Golden Gate"6:04
2."Brooklyn. Friday. Love."3:52
4."A Place of Her Own"5:33
6."Heart Worth Breaking"5:07
7."Loved By You"3:44
9."Change Your Heart or Die"3:31
Total length:52:27

Recorded in Atlanta, GA and Los Angeles, CA
Mixed by Ingmar Carlson at The Gift Shop in Los Angeles, CA
Mastered by Emily Lazar at The Lodge in New York, NY


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