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The Midnight playing at The Corner Hotel in Melbourne, Austrailia in 2019

Thanks for your interest in the unofficial The Midnight Wiki! Our goal is to be the most comprehensive source for any and all things related to The Midnight! That includes the songs, the people, the lore, the concerts, and you, the fans! Before you begin creating or editing articles, you should read this one. It will contain some useful information and help you make impactful and worthy contributions to the wiki.

Getting an account

To begin contributing, just click edit page. We recommend you make an account for privacy reason, as otherwise, your public IP will be listed as the editor. Just create an account or login with a Google account to get started.

Tips for creating a great wiki page

A wiki page has info. A good wiki page has a lot of info and content to expand on the info, like pictures or audio. A great wiki page has info, content, and reliable sources. Wikis tend to get a bad rap for being unreliable and containing false info. Help us keep the integrity of this wiki high by citing sources for the info you add. Great sources could be tweets directly from Tim, Tyler, Facebook, Instagram, or interviews on radio or online. Try to find as many sources for the information you'd like to add to an article. The more sources, the more credible it is.

Remember to use the correct wiki syntax, to make things look beautiful. You can see how to do that by clicking here.

Rules and Style Guidelines

When you are writing and/or editing an article, here are some things to keep in mind. To start, here are some basic style guidelines to follow. You can also look at current articles for examples of these practices.

  • When you refer to an article's name for the first time, it should be bolded
  • When referring to an album or song in an article, the first mention should be a hyperlink to the article for that album or song. See the syntax page for info on how to do that. After that, all future mentions of the song or album in the article should be italicized.
  • The first mention of a person should include their first AND last name. After that, only the last name should be referred to unless you move to another section or it is unclear who you are referring to (such as when talking about Tim McEwan and Oliver McEwan at the same time).
  • Please try to add sources for all info you add to a page. ALL inline citations should come AFTER punctuation. Example:
    • This is correct.[1]
    • This is incorrect[1].

Rules for this wiki:

  • NO EDIT WARS! If there is a disagreement about how something should be said or presented, or if something should be included or not, please ask about it in our Discord server and we will all work together to come to a resolution.
  • No vandalism or spam. Users who vandalize or spam pages will be subject to an immediate ban.
  • In general, articles and content should only be about things that are officially related to or released by The Midnight. Content or references related to things such as fan-made art, mashups, remixes, etc. should not be included, however, there can be exceptions to this rule. If in doubt, ask in the Discord server.
  • No speculation/rumors/false information about potential songs or albums. It is OK to talk about future releases if some sort of information on them has been mentioned or said by the band. If something has not been directly mentioned by the band or their affiliates, do not include it here. This wiki is for factual information only.

Uploading Files

Tyler giving The Wiki permission to use media from the band social media accounts

To avoid spam and the potential misuse of copyrighted material, the uploading of photos and other media is currently restricted to the site's admins. We will do our best to make sure there are as many relevant images as possible. If you have a request for an image you would like to have added, please ask about it on our Discord server (check the Quick Links dropdown menu above), and we'll be happy to help. We have been granted permission from the band to use images posted on their social media accounts.

We do welcome pictures or videos from concerts that you have taken/recorded yourself. Please use the form on this page to submit them

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