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Sunset single cover
Single by The Midnight
from the album Endless Summer
ReleasedMay 13, 2016 (2016-05-13)
LabelThe Midnight Music
Producer(s)Tim McEwan
Endless Summer track listing
The Midnight singles chronology
Sunset - single.jpg

Vampires - single.jpg


"Sunset (incl. Michael Cassette Remix)"
Remix Single by The Midnight
from the album The Midnight Remixed
ReleasedAugust 7, 2017 (2017-08-07)
LabelSilk Music
The Midnight Remixed track listing
The Midnight remix singles chronology
WeMoveForward (incl. Talamanca Remix)
Sunset (incl. Michael Cassette Remix)
Synthetic (Mango, We Are All Astronauts, Lost Empire Remixes)

Sunset[1] is a song by The Midnight. It is the first single and second track from their album Endless Summer. The single was released on May 13, 2016. Silk Music released a remix single of Sunset on August 7, 2017, with this release also containing the Michael Cassette Remix, which would later be included on the 2017 remix album The Midnight Remixed.[2][3]

The song was written by band members Tim McEwan and Tyler Lyle and produced by McEwan. The guitar on Sunset was performed by Johannes Jørgensen. It has a running time of five minutes and 26 seconds and is in the key of F major. Sunset is considered to be one of The Midnight's signature songs and is often the last song performed at live shows.

In addition to appearing on The Midnight Remixed, the Michael Cassette Extended Remix of Sunset appears on the Silk Music compilation Silk Music Pres. Progressive House Essentials 06.[4]

During a fan question-and-answer session on Twitter, Lyle said this about the lyrics of Sunset:[5]

Now that song started at a cheap motel in Burlington, VT. There were crow bar marks on the door frame. I thought “now this would be the first stop for a couple of kids who faked their deaths and went on the run.”

Brooklyn. Friday. Love.

Brooklyn. Friday. Love. single cover
"Brooklyn. Friday. Love."
Brooklyn Friday Love - Single.jpg
Single by The Midnight
from the album Heroes
ReleasedAugust 3, 2022 (2022-08-03)
LabelCounter Records
Producer(s)Tim McEwan
Heroes track listing
The Midnight singles chronology
Avalanche - Single.jpg

Brooklyn Friday Love - Single.jpg
Brooklyn. Friday. Love.

Heart worth breaking - single.jpg
Heart Worth Breaking


Brooklyn. Friday. Love. is a song by The Midnight. It is the fourth single and second track from their album Heroes. The single was released on August 3, 2022.[6]

The song was written by band members Tyler Lyle and Tim McEwan alongside Nikki Flores and Royce Whittaker. It was produced by McEwan. It has a running time of three minutes and 52 seconds and is in the key of F major. Brooklyn. Friday. Love. has its roots in Lyle's From The Secret Lair project, first appearing on episodes 7 and 25 of season one before being released on Mr. Green's B Sides. A breakdown of the track by McEwan was streamed on Twitch on August 5, 2022.[7]

In an interview with Magnetic Magazine, Lyle elaborated on the song's meaning:[8]

I wrote the initial version of Brooklyn. Friday. Love. in 2016 as a surf rock song while I was living in Ft. Greene. On days when I couldn’t stand staring at my computer screen anymore- usually around 4:00, I would get on a Citibike and ride up Flushing Avenue around the Navy Yard to Williamsburg.

My wife was working long hours at a corporate job in Midtown and usually wasn’t home before 8, so I would walk, well, I would walk and drink Happy Hour bourbon and cokes at Skinny Dennis, and I would look for books at Spoonbill & Sugartown, and vinyl at Rough Trade.

There was a refreshingly weird creative energy that permeated gentrifying Brooklyn that I’d never felt before. It struck me as a kind of weirdo heaven for a kid who grew up in the Bible Belt. When I die I want to go to Skinny Dennis and hear Zydeco or some Bushwick loft party Modular Synth set. Anyway, the place changed.

Apple and Whole Foods soon arrived in Williamsburg and Ft. Greene, the rents went up, the neighbors were no longer starving artist types. My wife and I also grew up- we had a baby and shortly thereafter we decided to end our five year relationship with Brooklyn.

The song became a Midnight song in 2021- two years after I left Brooklyn for Atlanta. I went back to visit New York for the first time during a lull in COVID waves to see my old neighborhood. 1/3 of the businesses were closed. There was more graffiti, and trash piled on the street like I’d never seen it before. I felt like I was seeing the ghost of an old friend. Reworking the song as an idyll to fit The Midnight felt like a way to honor the strangeness and vibrancy of a Brooklyn that seemed to disappear.

Thankfully most of the splendor has returned to the shabby neighborhoods I love, but I’m approaching my late 30s now, with a family and a mortgage and a more predictable life. The thought of drinking absinthe, or staying up past midnight to watch live music, or spending a day writing indie pop songs in an unheated Bushwick squat is unimaginable. This song is about an ideal that may still exist. It just can’t exist for me anymore.

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You've Got Mail!

28th February, 2024
Music - Silence, a collaboration between The Midnight and Essenger, is released.
12th February, 2024
Tour - The Chrome Nights North American Tour is announced. The tour begins in September and will be co-headlined with Chromeo.
6th February, 2024
Tour - The Summer 2024 EU/UK Tour is announced. The tour will began on July 12 in Malmö and conclude on July 28 in Manchester.
3rd February, 2024
Tour - The Midnight announces on Instagram that Tim McEwan is stepping away from touring and will depart after the upcoming tours in India and Australia. He will continue to be The Midnight's producer.
30th January, 2024
Merch - An official graphic novel based on The Midnight universe has been announced. Titled The Midnight: Shadows, the graphic novel will be released by Dark Hose Comics on October 1, 2024.
23rd January, 2024
Tour - A show at the Summer Nights music festival in Glasgow is announced. The show will take place on July 24, 2024.
19th January, 2024
Tour - The Midnight are announced as a performer at the Vh1 Supersonic festival in Pune, India. The festival runs from February 16-18, 2024. This will be The Midnight's first ever show in India, preceding the Spring 2024 India Tour.
4th January, 2024
Tour - A second Melbourne show has been added to the Summer 2024 Australian Tour. The show will take place on March 3, 2024, at the Prince Bandroom.

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  • ...that Tyler Lyle once lived in Paris?
  • ...that the subject of Nighthawks is a former neighbor of Tyler Lyle?
  • ...that for five years Comet was nothing more than a small snippet on Facebook before finally being released in 2021?
  • ...that WeMoveForward was the first song written by the band?
  • ...that Dance With Somebody was once in a different key and had a guitar solo instead of a sax solo?
  • ...that The Midnight's first live show outside of California was in Chicago?
  • ...that Tim McEwan is originally from Copenhagen, Denmark?
  • ...that Tim McEwan once played drums in the Eurovison Song Contest?
  • ...that touring member Lelia Broussard was on the US version of singing competition The Voice?

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