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The Midnight Remixed

The Midnight Remixed track listing
The Midnight Remixed
Remix album by
ReleasedAugust 14, 2017
  • Synthwave
  • Electronic
  • Progressive House
LabelSilk Music
The Midnight chronology
Endless summer - album.jpg
Endless Summer

The midnight remixed - album.jpg
The Midnight Remixed

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Singles from The Midnight Remixed

The Midnight Remixed is the first remix album by The Midnight. It was released through the label Silk Music on August 14, 2017.[1] The album contains remixes of songs from Days of Thunder and Endless Summer.

Prior to the release of The Midnight Remixed, Silk Music issued singles for the songs WeMoveForward, Sunset, and Days of Thunder.[2][3][4] These single releases included the original songs as well as their corresponding remixes that would later be included on the album. After the album's release, Synthetic was released as a single by Silk Music, with this single featuring five remixed versions of the song.[5]

The Midnight Remixed was a milestone release for the band. It was their first album to be associated with a label and the first to make an appearance on a Billboard chart, where it charted at number 22 on the Billboard Dance/Electronic Albums Chart.[6][7] It was also the first The Midnight album to feature the band's second logo on the cover art, which continues to be used today. The success of The Midnight Remixed led to Silk Music issuing a second The Midnight remix album two years later, The Midnight Remixed 02.


The first collaboration between The Midnight and electronic music label Silk Music was the March 2016 release of the single WeMoveForward. This single included the original song, its instrumental version, and a new remix by Talamanca.[8] Another single, Days Of Thunder, was released later that year in August and included the original song and a new remix by PROFF.[9]

On July 24, 2017, a third single from Silk Music, Sunset, was announced.[10] The same day, it was confirmed that a full remix album was coming with a planned release date of August 14, and the album art and track list were revealed.[11]

The release was a success for the band and Silk Music, charting at number 22 on the Billboard Dance/Electronic Albums Chart.[6][7] This was the first time a release by The Midnight charted on Billboard.[12] Silk Music followed this up by releasing a fourth and final single on December 18, Synthetic.[13] This single did not include the original song but instead featured five remixed versions of it.

Official description

Consisting of Danish-born (LA-based) producer Tim McEwan and NYC-based singer-songwriter Tyler Lyle, The Midnight have emerged in recent years as a veritable leader of the synthwave resurgence. More specifically, the duo have received generous support from legions of synthwave enthusiasts, as well as more casual synth-pop fans, ever since their aesthetic-defining debut EP, "Days of Thunder" (2014). Their subsequent LP offering, "Endless Summer" (2016), cemented the duo's reputation as one of the finest new synthwave acts, a sentiment that musical legends (Chicane), renowned artist peers (FM-84), and prominent genre hubs (NewRetroWave) have graciously reinforced of late. The Midnight Remixed, one of our most ambitious releases to date, features brand new remixes by a distinguished group of Silk Music veterans, whose melodic and atmospheric sound has significantly helped to define our brand. We've also recruited a few famed nonresident label contributors, including Lifelike and Michael Cassette, whose specific compositional gifts and musical legacies seemed especially apropos to this 80s-influenced endeavor.

The Midnight Remixed showcases breathtaking new interpretations of The Midnight's past work, ranging in style from drum & bass and deep house to trance & progressive. Michael Cassette, Johan Vilborg, Dezza, Lifelike, PROFF, Terry Da Libra, Sundriver, and Talamanca's exhilarating, club-oriented interpretations feature rapturous chords, and, of course, Tyler's mellifluous and infectious vocal hooks. Offerings from Marsh, Vintage & Morelli, eleven.five, and Mango vs. We Are All Astronauts convey a deeper and more introspective musical tone, but are nonetheless equally memorable.



Track listing


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