The Years (prologue)

The Years (prologue)1) is a song by The Midnight. It is the first track from their EP Days of Thunder.

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The song was written by band members Tim McEwan and Tyler Lyle and produced by McEwan. It has a running time of six minutes and eight seconds and is in the key of A-flat major. During the Fall 2019 Tour, The Years (prologue) was the first song on the setlist after the intro.2)

Shy kid, knees always bruised
The daddy's girl that became you
In the front seat, you pulled me close
Kissed my lips, it tasted like home

Flashes of crosswords and chamomile
The years pass like a Ferris Wheel
The tiny fractures in the form
The days we live are so much more

We got a little place near the beach
We watch the sailboats out at sea
And we ride along the Palisades
Love is just a summer day

If you hold too tight it starts to fade
Let it go then, then it floats away
In time will you remember me
For a second we had everything

Half awake and sunburned…
Searching vines of summer…
Aimless and upwards…

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