Endless Summer (song)

Endless Summer1) is a song by The Midnight. It is the first track from their album Endless Summer.

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The song was written by band members Tim McEwan and Tyler Lyle and produced by McEwan. It has a running time of six minutes and forty-five seconds and is in the key of E-flat major. The saxophone on Endless Summer was performed by Thomas Edinger.

According to McEwan, the “Should have known at the end…” vocal parts in the song were made from an online voice generator with the notes manipulated.2)

[should have known at the end of summer
the innocence fades and the weak become stronger
should have known at the end of the summer
I'd be lost without you]

the skyline looked like a stained glass window
the city sang such mad crescendo
four bare feet on a rain soaked street
summer airbrushed fever dreams

disappeared in a camera flash
why do the bad girls never last
lost in gin and lemonade
electrospins and the mermaid parade

four quartets and no regrets
except for the polaroids i left
you were just some spell i was under
that endless summer

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