The Midnight Remixed 02

The Midnight Remixed 02 album cover

The Midnight Remixed 02 is the second remix album from The Midnight. It was released through the label Silk Music on September 27, 2019.1) The album contains remixes of songs from all previous The Midnight releases.

Prior to the release of The Midnight Remixed 02, Silk Music issued three remix singles: Shadows (Uppermost Remix), which released on August 23, 2019,2) Arcade Dreams (Timecop1983 Remix) which released on September 13, 2019,3) and Kids (PROFF Dub Remix), which released on September 20, 2019.4)

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Released in 2017 by Silk Music, The Midnight's first remix album The Midnight Remixed was the band and label's biggest commercial success at the time, making an appearance on the Billboard Dance/Electronic Albums Chart.5)6) With The Midnight having released Nocturnal and Kids in the time following The Midnight Remixed, there were many new songs with the potential to be reimagined, and this led Silk Music and The Midnight to collaborate once again for The Midnight Remixed 02.

The first single from The Midnight Remixed 02 was Shadows (Uppermost Remix), announced by Silk Music on August 13, 2019, for an August 23 release.7) The album's artwork, tracklist, and release date were revealed on August 27.8) On September 9, Silk Music announced two more singles from the album: Arcade Dreams (Timecop1983 Remix) and Kids (PROFF Dub Remix), to be released on September 20 and 27 respectively.9)

Peaking at number eight on the Billboard Dance/Electronic Albums Chart10) and number one on the USA iTunes Dance Top Albums Chart,11) The Midnight Remixed 02 proved to be another winner for Silk Music and The Midnight.

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