Jesse Molloy

Jesse Molloy performing live with The Midnight

Jesse Molloy (born April 29, 1975)1)2)3) is an American saxphone player and music producer orignating from Ashland, Oregon. He is currently based in Los Angeles.4)

At the age of nine, Molloy was at a local church with his family and saw a man playing Amazing Grace on the saxophone. This inspired him to also want to play the instrument, and his parents got him an alto saxophone the following Christmas.5) Molloy received private lessons and also played in his high school's band.

Molloy graduated from Southern Oregon University in 20016) and after college joined a soul-jazz group based in San Diego, California. The group toured frequently and averaged about one-hundred-fifty shows a year. He later relocated to San Diego full time and began playing with several local bands and touring groups before moving to Los Angeles. Molloy did some shows with T-Boz from the group TLC as well as Mike Posner.7) He was a long time touring member of the group The Pink Floyd Experience. Since 2009, he has been a member of the production duo Crush Effect with David Veith.8)9)10)11) Molloy began touring with Panic! at the Disco in 2017.12)

In 2017, Molloy was recruited by The Midnight to play the saxophone at the band's first-ever live show in San Francisco.13)14) He has played saxophone for most of the band's live shows ever since. Molloy played the saxophone on the song Deep Blue from The Midnight's 2020 album Monsters. This is his first time playing saxophone for the band on a studio release. Later in 2020, he contributed to the band's EP Horror Show, co-writing the song Good in Red and playing the saxophone on Because The Night.

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