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Pizza Zone is a fictional pizza chain, in The Midnights universe, seen on multiple album and single covers.
Phone number: +1 (323) 553-1712

The site included a form to enter one's name and street address, and three people in the Los Angeles area were chosen from the submitted names. The winners were delivered a pizza from Triple Beam Pizza and given a full set of The Midnight vinyl records by Tim McEwan.1)2)

Tim delivering pizzas from Triple Beam Pizza in L.A for Pizza Zone. Video is from the bands social media.3)

The Pizza Zone website also advertised merchandise for sale

Screenshot of the merch selection on

A phone number was included, +1 (323) 553-1712, that people could call to hear an automated voice message advertising Pizza Zone and a snippet of C O L D P I Z Z A. The message can be listened to below:

Screenshots of the site
Screenshots of the site

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