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Pizza Zone

Pizza Zone is a fictional pizza chain, in The Midnights universe, seen on multiple album and single covers.

Phone number: (323) 553-1712|+1 (323) 553-1712

The site included a form to enter one's name and street address, and three people in the Los Angeles area were chosen from the submitted names. The winners were delivered a pizza from Triple Beam Pizza and given a full set of The Midnight vinyl records by Tim McEwan.[1][2]

Tim delivering pizza in L.A.
Merch selection on Pizza Zone website


The Pizza Zone website also advertised merchandise for sale

A phone number was included, (323) 553-1712|+1 (323) 553-1712, that people could call to hear an automated voice message advertising Pizza Zone and a snippet of C O L D P I Z Z A. The message can be listened to below: